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Alice (my version) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 Rage mode (Mikaela) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Depression :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Random outfit for my character :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 The Tales of Three Tenses (Queen of the Future) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Masquerade disguise (Mikaela) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Mermaid!Mikaela (my OC) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 Mermaid!Dragneil :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 Me :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 3 0 Flowers :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 2 0 Revenge :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Powers :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 Dylan ( another OC) :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 1 0 Camelotte :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Legend :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0 Camelatte :iconlittlelonergirl:littlelonergirl 0 0


Tsukishima x reader x Yamaguchi
It was windy, you wore a plain [f/c] skirt and a white shirt. Tears threatening to fall as you waved good-bye to your two childhood friends. The freckled one was crying, his nose red and dripping. Next to him a taller boy stood quietly looking at the floor, yeah… it had never been like him to show weakness.
Today you’d be moving to England, leaving behind everything you knew. You were only a kid, but you didn't complain, it was something important for your parents after all.
Once on the plane, you took your [favourite animal] plush and held it close to your chest. You muttered a silent prayer, asking for a good life in that unknown country. Soon after you fell asleep.
t-t-t-time skip
You groaned as you turned your alarm off. Today was your first day of school at Karasuno, you were a transfer student and even though you were given a week off to get over your jet-lag, you, being the responsible girl you are, stayed up until five in the morning reading manga, surfing through y
:iconmochitsukki:mochitsukki 131 6
It's Just A Job , Dude (Haruka Nanase x Reader)
((Headcanon: Since Haru has a weird obsession with water , I believe that he also has a keen love for the things that reside in it. I also believe that he has a deep fascination for mermaids which explains his wacko behavior in this here fic))
"Mommy! Mommy! Look at the pretty mermaid!" a little girl practically screeched as she pointed at you frantically over the railing.
You put on a smile and waved at her , causing her to shriek in joy and attempt to climb towards you , but her mother quickly grabbed her , reminding her that there was water surrounding you and it was an embarrassment to the family.
You chuckled as the mother scolded her child ,already used to that same little speech. Little children always attempted to swim out to you , whether they could swim or not.
You really enjoyed your job for the simple fact that kids admired you because they thought you were really magical.
"H-Hey you! That's against the rules!" you heard someone yell and you felt water splash against you.
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Shingeki no FREE! :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 6,820 506 Free! :iconsloyuna:sloyuna 2,355 63 Free! :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 3,254 79 APH: From Me to You :iconkrayonela:Krayonela 86 35 HDID VID - CinnamonToastKen,PewDiePie and Cryaotic :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 2,335 153 Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 21] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 612 260 Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 16] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 647 261 Cry: Poke :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,388 196 Cry: Virus :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 4,520 155 :: Commission April 02: Outfit Design :: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 160 6 :: Adoptable Amethyst Outfit: AUCTION CLOSED :: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 274 9 :: Adoptable Aquamarine: AUCTION CLOSED:: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 606 33 :: Adoptable Lapislazuli: AUCTION CLOSED:: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 490 19 :: Adoptable Chalcedony Outfit: AUCTION CLOSED:: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 341 19



Who I am.

I don't know that much about myself but I am who I am and you can NOT change that. I'm sociable but also a complete loner. I love everyone yet no one. I love attention and also hate it. I'm wise yet I have issues myself. I care a lot but also don't. I want to kill but I want peace. I'm loud and also very quiet. I am outgoing but also shy. I'm happy yet depressed. I'm hopeful and hopeless. I believe in everything yet nothing. I know a lot of things but also know nothing. I don't know who I am but I also know a lot about me

I know, I'm  very very confusing (I also confuse myself) but it can say one thing: I am quite predictable in my unpredictability. 


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isolated and solitude


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